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Portrait of Olaf Brzeski

Biography of Olaf Brzeski

Born 1975 in Wrocław, Poland, sculptor and draftsman, author of installations and experimental films.

Between 1994 and 1995 studied at the Faculty of Architecture of Technical University in Wrocław and from 1995 he studied at the Faculty of Sculpture at the Wrocław Academy of Art and Design. He defended his diploma work in sculpture in 2000 at the prof. Leon Podsiadły’s studio.

He has shown his works at individual and collective exhibitions both in Poland and abroad. In 2009 he was nominated to participate in the “Spojrzenia” / “Views” (award of Deutsche Bank Foundation) organised by the National Gallery Zachęta in Warsaw. Nominated for Polityka Passport in 2013. In 2014 scholarship in ISCP in New York. In 2014-2015 scholarship in Künstlerhaus Bethanien in Berlin.

Lives and works in Wrocław.

All Solo Exhibitions

  • Wish, Galeria Bielska BWA, Bielsko Biała (PL), 2023
  • Adventure, Raster Gallery, Warsaw (PL), 2020
  • Once upon a time in Iran, KAAF Institute, Tehran (IR), 2018
  • Vorraum / Vestibule, Polish Institute, Berlin (DE), 2016
  • Megalomany, Raster Gallery, Warsaw (PL), 2015
  • Halb / Half, Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin (DE), 2015
  • Tender Look, Labirynt Gallery, Lublin (PL), 2015
  • Denne se rozpolcuji / I split myself everyday, House of Arts, Brno (CZ), 2014
  • Amigdala, Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art (TMoCA), Tehran (IR), 2014
  • At Heart, Raster Gallery, Warsaw (PL), 2013
  • Self-seeker, Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art, Warsaw (PL), 2013
  • Shine, Arsenal Gallery, Białystok (PL), 2013
  • From My Eyes Only, Awangarda BWA Wrocław Gallery, Wrocław (PL), 2012
  • The Fall of the Man I Don’t Like, Contemporary Art Gallery, Opole (PL), 2012
  • Monumentalis / Monumental, Platan Gallery, Polish Institute, Budapest (HU), 2010
  • Ears have grown all over his face, like oysters on a bottom of a boat, Czarna Gallery, Warsaw (PL), 2010
  • Breath, Bunhouse Bandits Gallery, London (UK), 2009
  • Dream – Spontaneous Combustion, BWA, Zielona Góra (PL), 2009
  • Villains – The Extensively Awaited Swap of Roles, Gallery of Glass and Ceramics, BWA, Wrocław (PL), 2008
  • The Hunter, Windows Gallery, Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art, Warsaw (PL), 2007
  • For Human Only, Awangarda BWA Wrocław Gallery, Wrocław (PL), 2006
  • For Animals Only, Awangarda BWA Wrocław Gallery, Wrocław (PL), 2004

Selected Group Exhibitions

  • Backyard, Skala Gallery, Poznań (PL), 2023
  • Co dwie sztuki to nie jedna, Zachęta National Gallery of Art, Warsaw (PL), 2020
  • L’atlas des Nuages, Fondatin Francois Shneider, Wittwiller (FR), 2018
  • Friend of a Friend, Raster Gallery, Warsaw (PL), 2018
  • Wild at Heart, Zachęta National Gallery of Art, Warsaw (PL), 2018
  • White Lie, Kronika Centre for Contemporary Art, Bytom (PL), 2017
  • Detsky sen / Childhood Dream, Arsenal Gallery, Białystok (PL), 2017
  • Escape from the Liberthy Cinema, Galerie im Saalbau, Berlin (DE), 2016
  • Pernicious Predilection, Labitynt Gallery, Lublin (PL), 2016
  • Procedures for the head, Polish Art Today. Kunsthalle, Bratislava (SK), 2015
  • I will go there, take me home, The MAC, Belfast (XI), 2015
  • What to see, Polish Art Today, Museum of Modern Art, Warsaw (PL), 2014
  • Huls, Zachęta National Gallery of Art, Warsaw (PL), 2012
  • Drawing Is Coming Back in a Big Way, Arsenal Gallery, Białystok (PL), 2012
  • Coming Soon (Ariergarda), Temporary Gallery, Cologne (DE), 2012
  • The Red Bar, Salon Akademii Gallery, Warsaw (PL), 2012
  • Guerillas, Municipal Gallery Arsenal Poznań (PL), 2011
  • Power of Fantasy, BOZAR, Brussels (BE), 2011
  • 1000 Years of Modernity, Mościce, BWA Tarnów (PL), 2011
  • Folkestone Triennale, Folkestone (GB), 2011
  • All Creatures Great and Small, Zachęta National Gallery of Art, Warsaw (PL), 2010
  • Counter Logic, Cooper Gallery, Dundee (GB), 2009
  • Le coeur est un chasseur solitaire / Heart Is a Lonely Hunter, Gare Saint-Sauveur, Lille (FR), 2009
  • Views 2009, Zachęta National Gallery of Art, Warsaw (PL), 2009
  • Take a Look at Me Now, Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts, Norwich (GB), 2009
  • East International, Norwich (GB), 2009
  • Vision Division, Czarna Gallery, Warsaw (PL), 2009
  • External Artists. Out of Sth, BWA Wrocław (PL), 2008
  • Festival of Dialogue of Four Cultures, Łódź (PL), 2008
  • 5th Young Triennale, Centre of Polish Sculpture, Orońsko (PL), 2008
  • International Triennale of Contemporary Art – ITCA 2008, National Gallery, Prague (CZ), 2008
  • Establishment (and its discontents), Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art, Warsaw (PL), 2008
  • Ballads and Romances, Raster Gallery, Warsaw (PL), 2008
  • The Day After, ZAMEK Culture Centre, Poznań (PL), 2007