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Boiling Head

Boiling Head 1 — Olaf Brzeski

Daily Bread – Epic Adventures of the Boiling Head

A series of short films combined into one epic story depicting the hero’s journey in search of treasure (meaning money to pay off debts). The themes of individual episodes are the most poignant in the hero’s life, but also universal, issues: the split between family and artistic career, financial problems, fatherhood, love, betrayal, friendship, or death, fascinations, fantasies and obsessions that are the perfect material for creative work.

An important aspect of this project is the presentation of the story using one of the first means of expression, which is drawing. That is why we decided to tell this story by film documenting the act of drawing accompanied by the narrator’s voice. Individual episodes are presented in the form of an instructional and didactic lecture, anatomy and nature lessons, and a mythological story. In the process of drawing these films, we rely on the seriousness of children’s play, although we aim our story at an adult audience.

With this project, we want to pay homage to such artists as Wiktor Zin, Szymon Kobyliński or Bob Ross, whose educational television work was the basis for the idea for this series of films.

HANDS (Olaf Brzeski and Mariusz Sibila)

Release date – 2024