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Raster Gallery, Warsaw, 2020

Adventure is a story full of personal experiences, thoughts about love and death, about ecstasy and loss, also about minor but significant impressions, such as the pleasure coming from a compliment.

The main part of the exhibition is a series of about 20 sculptures made by the artist during a rehabilitation period after a severe accident with almost tragic consequences.

Like Brzeski’s earlier works, the most recent ones are also strongly connected to drawing, using blots and lines, representative pieces and portraits intertwine with abstract forms. They are moving, intimate monuments of the simplest, everyday emotions.

Text: Łukasz Gorczyca

Everything we do can be described in terms of a journey full of adventures, understood in the mythological sense as the journey of a hero heading towards self-discovery. On that day I was about to take a ride into town to buy some plums for a plum pie: this was the journey I was embarking on when I had that adventure. As a result, a significant change took place in me, although I must remember and be careful not to forget what it had taught me.