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Situation is Perfect

Situation is Perfect

Entropia Gallery, Wrocław, Poland

Video, 8’35’’, 2024
Chalk drawing on the wall, 2024

The exhibition “The situation is perfect” is a larger project to which I was invited by the curator and artist Marcin Mierzicki on the occasion of the 35th anniversary of the existence of this wonderful place, the Entropia Gallery. On this occasion, I made a chalk drawing on the gallery wall showing one of the first frames from the movie “High Noon” and a video describing my experience with CZIE practice.

CZIE is a Tibetan practice developed in the 11th century by the Buddhist teacher Machig Labdron. It involves giving a specific form to everything that depresses and worries us. Our fears, obsessions, even diseases, which in this practice are called “demons”. Instead of fighting these “demons”, CZIE suggests giving them what they need. It suggests feeding them their fill, so that in effect they become our allies. This way, we begin to take care of those areas of our psyche that have remained in the shadows until now. CHIE in Tibetan means “to cut off”.

A few years ago, I began practicing the CZIE ritual in its simplified, secular form, introduced to the Western world by Lama Tsultrim Allione. During one of these sessions, I focused my mind on seeing my “demon” of fear of war. I placed two chairs facing each other. I sat down on one of them and waited for that which would appear on the other one.